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A blend of Plastics and Paper!

Plastics and Paper combined creates Paptic Ltd!

Sustainability News!

Fungus-based packaging to replace styrofoam?

Cyanobacteria - A New Development

Are we looking at a brand new development in the plastics industry which could revolutionize the world we live in.

Packaging in 2021

What does the packaging industry look like for 2021?

The Future Of Packaging

Could this beautifully designed packaging be our future?

Striking Packaging

With Elon Musk launching Tesla Tequila this month in its striking glass packaging, it’s opened a discussion here at Hamden about creative packaging. Packaging is not just a source of protecting a vital product but also, how it can make an impact on the consumer providing more sales. Telsa Tequila sold…

Driving Return On Investment

With rapid changes in technology how has this affected the decisions of manufacturers?

The Future Of Fast Food Packaging

A step in the right direction for sustainable packaging!


Is Paper A More Sustainable Flexible Packaging Material Than Plastic?

Worldwide Packaging Machinery

What the next 7 years are looking like for the packaging machinery industry.