Striking Packaging

With Elon Musk launching Tesla Tequila this month in its striking glass packaging, it’s opened a discussion here at Hamden about creative packaging.

Packaging is not just a source of protecting a vital product but also, how it can make an impact on the consumer providing more sales.

Telsa Tequila sold out within hours, this is without doubt down to strength of Tesla however, could it have been the appearance and finer details of the lightning-bolt glass bottle that contributed to the final sale?

Tesla Tequila – Google Images

Could creative packaging be what brands need to stand out and be unique?

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‘A World Without Waste’

In honour of ‘Recycle Week’ in the UK the inevitable is fast approaching for the Plastic and Plastic Packaging industry. Businesses across the globe are implementing new sustainable materials and have a care of duty to recycle (rPET).

Leading companies need a highly skilled individuals, someone who is invested in the future of the business and passionate in regards to the recycling of plastics and can provide a huge return on investment challenging their main competitors.

At Hamden we are fortunate to consistently headhunt these key individuals on a daily basis, is this someone your business needs?

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E-Commerce in Packaging

‘With consumer demands growing in line with pack developments, what are the challenges? And what steps are packaging companies taking to stay ahead of the game?’

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