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Since the turn of the century, the evolution of the automotive industry has been significant. With awareness of our own environmental wellbeing becoming clearer, the automotive industry is acting fast to align itself and adapt to the change required to make vehicles more efficient and economic. From start-stop technology to hybrid cars, the automotive sector is constantly developing; with over 30,000 parts in one vehicle alone, it is certainly an industry of specialists and quality. The importance of securing the best talent to fill the key positions is pivotal in providing the continued success for an organisation and at Hamden, our objective is to provide the best talent, that is otherwise inaccessible.

The mass production and demand of vehicles require a vast network and infrastructure to support the research & development, manufacturing and commercial sectors of business, our knowledge of each individual area enhances our ability to find the specialist talent and best fit for an important hire. With global demand for automotive at a high, we are proud to boast of our ever-expanding network within automotive hubs worldwide, such as the DACH, Benelux, Nordic and APAC regions to name a few. Our industry and regional experience are pivotal to our unique and tailored approach when identifying the ideal candidate.

Hamden’s automotive Associates assist OEMs, tier 1 and 2 multinational businesses all globally and truly understand how important it is for the right candidate to be found; being an expert, delivers experts. Our search delivers not only the best local talent but also the best talent from other regions to maximise all areas and ensure nothing is missed. In our experience one of the most important parts of an assignment is understanding exactly what style of candidate our client wants to make certain the candidates match both the organisations identity and ethos. Understanding your business, positions Hamden perfectly to offer a honest, accurate and non-biased view of the organisation to build trust for future employees.

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