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Surface Technologies

The increasing demand for surface technology stands due to the unrelenting need to protect surfaces from damage and corrosion as well the need to enhance surface appearance and functionality. At Hamden our industry expertise covers surface coatings, adhesives, pigments & inks as well as the raw materials and additives needed to make them. With innovation as the proponent for the industry’s ever changing culture, we strive to keep up with the latest in surface technology trends to ensure each search can be tailor-made to the most niche of business needs.


The coatings industry is very much where it all began for Hamden, forming the foundation of the business with a determination to become the leading authority on coatings talent.

Hamden is in a position to offer our clients the chance to add real value to their business and play an important part in the strategic and financial direction of particular business units.

The coatings market is vast with an abundance of different applications and our network has no limits in attracting top talent from all coatings markets. Each search is bespoke and dependant on our client’s needs we can offer anything from a local search, attracting the best of the local talent, to a regional search ensuring that we identify the best individuals across the continent

The most sought-after talent in this industry is not actively looking for new challenges. Using our 6 Stage Process and our Direct Search methodology, we confidentially promote the opportunity to and attract these valuable individuals. This identification, approach and assessment offers our clients the opportunity to select from a shortlist comprised of only top performers.

Nature Has The Answers

Why reinvent technology when nature has all the answers we need.

Driving Return On Investment

With rapid changes in technology how has this affected the decisions of manufacturers?

Pigments Market Forecast

"The global pigments market was estimated to be valued more than $15 billion in terms of revenue in 2019"

Printing Inks Market Forecast

Valued at about $18 billion in 2017 - How does the forecast look for the next 5 years?

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Matt Harman

Hamden has refined the search process down to 6 clear steps.

Our 4 week proven process allows us to thoroughly understand the client needs, research the desired market utilising our extensive networks in our sector practices and deliver leading talent.