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Water Technologies

The world runs on water and as a result, it is extremely important that continual research and innovation is maintained. Reliable and clean supplies are integral to industry, energy production and agriculture. To support this Hamden assists our clients in staying at the forefront of innovation by aiding them in attracting leading talent.

With the global economic activity depending on water having a combined market value of $70.2 trillion and over $1.3 trillion being in water related equipment and water treatment, it is imperative that our clients attain and retain the most talented individuals that will not only make a lasting impact on the business, but will give them the advantage in a highly competitive market. We at Hamden are true specialists in the Water Technologies industry and with our extensive international networks, are in a position to offer our clients the chance to add real value to their business and play an important part in their strategic and financial direction.

We have a dedicated team of specialist search consultants that can help you attract leading senior talent globally in either a Technical, Commercial or Corporate capacity.


Our clients in the Water Technology industry have a vast array of markets that they serve and our expertise allows us to assist them across them all, in both the Chemical and Equipment sectors.

The most sought after talent in this industry is not actively looking for new challenges. Using our 6 Stage Process and our Direct Search methodology, we confidentially promote the opportunity to attract these valuable individuals. This identification, approach, and assessment offer our clients the opportunity to select from a shortlist comprised of only top performers.

The ‘Google’ of Water

Could we see a global monopoly?

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Hamden has refined the search process down to 6 clear steps.

Our 4 week proven process allows us to thoroughly understand the client needs, research the desired market utilising our extensive networks in our sector practices and deliver leading talent.