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Globally, we’re facing enormous pressure to produce more food for the growing populations whilst water scarcity, land degradation, climate change and shrinking cultivable areas are increasingly becoming realities. A rise in the demand for high quality food and feed, coupled with the decreasing availability of arable land puts a spotlight on yield improvements, agricultural practices and agricultural intensification.

Animal Health and Nutrition

With more than GBP200 billion annually being spent to animal disease, optimizing the health of livestock is the number one priority across the value chain and is key to achieving more sustainable global production results. Our clients are investing in improving the lifetime performance of farm animals by enhancing animal health and welfare at every stage of the lifecycle. Here at Hamden we are proud to assist those at the forefront of this mission, whether it’s a small R&D company, creating naturally occurring feed additives or the world largest animal nutrition producer, our role is to bring to their attention the best talent in the world, to ensure they achieve their goals in the market.

As a consequence, more and more companies are enlisting search services to facilitate their growth plans across the Globe. Our clients have capitalised on our ever-expanding networks and we have assisted them in increasing their market share with a large focus on key growth territories. With an extensive network, Hamden can offer access to specialist candidates that can make a direct and lasting impact in this ever-growing industry. We have access to top talent across the whole food and farming value chain, from farmer inputs across crops and livestock, through to commodities, processing, ingredients and additives for the food and beverages on our shelves.

Without the right people, our clients would not be able to develop and promote innovative products for emerging countries and niche markets to meet the expectations of their customers.

The most sought after talent in this industry is not actively looking for new challenges. We use our 6 Stage Process and our Direct Search methodology, to confidentially promote the opportunity and attract these valuable individuals. This identification, approach and assessment offers our clients the opportunity to select from a shortlist comprised of only top performers.

Watch The Aqua-feed!

The aqua-feed market is the one to watch!

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Lucia Sorrentino Lando

Hamden has refined the search process down to 6 clear steps.

Our 4 week proven process allows us to thoroughly understand the client needs, research the desired market utilising our extensive networks in our sector practices and deliver leading talent.