Business Intelligence

Hamden’s Market and Talent Mapping provides our clients with an in-depth analysis of a candidate pool, for a pre-defined market.

A confidential approach coupled with our direct search methodology allows us to take a snapshot of a particular market and share details ranging from complete team.

Example applications

Identifying top performers, leaders and high potential candidates

A basic market map to allow clients with their own talent teams to expand their networks and talent pipelines

Salary benchmarking

Competitor team structure and size

When considering moving into a new market or geographical location

You can be rest assured that...

We will work in a confidential and discrete manner allowing you to gain market intelligence without alerting the market

The search will be bespoke to your requirement and will provide you with the information and data needed to make an informed decision

For clients mapping executive talent...

When you need to determine that a pool of candidates exists that can be targeted if the need arises

When you have an (Executive Search) need, but would prefer to have more market insight before committing to a search.

Succession planning and Executive benchmarking

Hamden has refined the search process down to 6 clear steps.

Our 4 week proven process allows us to thoroughly understand the client needs, research the desired market utilising our extensive networks in our sector practices and deliver leading talent.

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