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4 Week Search Process


Position Briefing

Our comprehensive search process starts with a detailed intake call with the hiring manager and/or HR business partner to ensure we have all relevant information to conduct the most accurate search. By gaining a thorough understanding of the strategic objectives and cultural environment unique to each client and the competencies needed to meet those criteria.

With these principles forming the foundation of each search, Hamden’s Associates call upon their specific industry knowledge and networks to make targeted approaches to potential candidates, identified through rigorous market mapping and referral based intelligence.
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Research Phase

Day 1 – 5 – Once we have defined the search strategy, our experienced research team will draw up a list of appropriate target companies in line with the parameters of the search. The team draws on its professional networks and targeted research resources to generate a long list of prospects best qualified for the role from these target companies, providing a broad range of options for our clients to consider.

We tailor our resources for each client, to ensure that you are benefiting from our network by industry, function and geographical regional.
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Candidate Assessment

Day 6 – 19 – An Associate with a specialisation in your industry will approach all of the potential candidates that have been generated by the research team. We will confidentially deliver an accurate and honest presentation of the Position and the Client, and will draw on our insights about aspirations amongst top performers to persuade strong prospects to start a dialogue.

We then carry out thorough competency-based screening; measuring qualifications, skill sets, key accountabilities and tangible success factors against their personal aspirations and the criteria for the position.
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Day 20 – After assessing and benchmarking all of the identified individuals against the search criteria, we arrive at a shortlist of candidates that meet the client’s exact needs.

The assessment includes insight into past performance and reputation for each selected candidate, looking specifically into how exactly they could add value to our client’s business unit. We present the shortlist of candidates along with an in-depth market report and review against the original criteria and the other top performers in the market.
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Client Meetings

In phase 5, Hamden will manage the interview process and set up a series of interviews in line with the clients interviewing procedure. At this point, we have thoroughly screened the shortlisted candidates and would advise that all are interviewed in an exploratory nature, so you can evaluate the candidate to ensure they align with the search criteria and the business expectations.

We will manage the scheduling for all interviews and will work closely with the candidates and client through the preparation and debriefing process.
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Once the successful candidate has been selected, Hamden assists in negotiations over compensation and other terms to help finalize the placement.

We offer counter offer counselling to ensure the correct and considered decision is taken, referring back to original concerns discussed during the initial approach and manage the resignation process. We assist in the onboarding of the candidate and after 6 months, offer a team integration review with the client to measure the impact of the candidate.
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