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Get Ahead Of The Competition By Using A Specialist Search Firm

The Benefits Of Our Six Step Process And Why You Should Use Hamden As Your Preferred Search Partner For Your Future Hiring Needs.


4 Week Search Process
Six Steps To Secure That Top Performer

To realise their mission, companies need exceptional leaders and employees capable of not only fulfilling the role but bringing added value to the company. Before all of this, they need to attract them and secure the hire.   

Since 2010 Hamden has helped businesses identify and acquire hundreds of senior level and specialist commercial, technical, innovation and corporate candidates globally. We take pride in our understanding and knowledge of the niche business sectors that we operate within and always honour our commitments to our clients.  

To find, qualify and shortlist the very best candidates, (the leaders with the right mix of skills, qualifications, experience and competencies to excel in the role), we must first understand our clients’ needs, beliefs, values and culture.  

At Hamden we have designated specialists in each industry, enabling us to explore the finer detail of the position and use our extensive market knowledge to connect with the employer and deliver the best outcome.  

Below are the benefits of our Six Step Process that will help you as a business, Secure That Top Performer. 


Position Briefing


Starting with a position briefing enables us to discuss the vacancy and surrounding factors with the hiring manager and/or HR business partner. Here we will gain a thorough understanding of the vacancy, the objectives and the type of person required to meet the expected criteria.

The position briefing is a critical stage that allows the hiring manager and Associate to express their knowledge and insight for the position and determine the search parameters. This allows our Associate to build a concrete relationship with the client, earning their trust, whilst allowing them to witness first-hand the company culture.

This stage allows the Associate an opportunity to demonstrate their past experience in placing similar roles and share market knowledge gained through past successful placements. With the Associate being a specialist in the industry they will be able to offer guidance and discuss the desired search strategy with the client.


Research Phase (Day 1-5)

Guided by the position briefing, our experienced in-house research team will identify potential candidates, immediately leveraging our global network and targeted research resources in line with the parameters of the search and is overseen by the Associate.

This approach, coupled with a group of researchers specialised in a client’s market, reduces lead times whilst ensuring we identify high-calibre and top performing talent. By utilising the Hamden team’s pre-existing market knowledge, we can ensure thorough and accurate results with consistent evaluation.


Candidate Assessment (Day 6-19)

The industry specific Associate will then approach all potential candidates found in the ‘Research Phase’. This stage is where the knowledge of the Associate is truly beneficial. Knowing the industry and with a thorough understanding of the position, allows the Associate to carry out an accurate competence-based screening, measuring qualifications, skill set, key accountabilities and past successes as well as assessing the personal aspirations.

The Associate will confidentially conduct a comprehensive interview with each identified candidate and will have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the individual that often is unachievable through other recruitment methods.


Shortlist (Day 20)

Following the assessments of each identified individual, the candidates whose skills, experience and values best match the search criteria will be presented to the client on a confidential shortlist.  

These candidates will meet the exact client requirement ensuring the client does not have to compromise on any of their search demands.

The client will receive an in-depth candidate profile for each shortlisted candidate, alongside an honest review and market report comprising of the Associate’s findings. Additionally, there is often supporting information the Associate feels will be relevant to help the client with the selection process.

We typically advise a meeting between Hamden and the hiring manager to discuss the candidates in detail. Although the profiles are very detailed, our Associates have had extensive conversations with the candidate and can answer any outstanding questions the client has there and then.


Client Meetings

At Hamden, we manage the entire interview process for our client. We arrange and schedule the interviews, collect and offer both client and candidate feedback and act as a sounding board for both parties. The Associate will work closely with the candidates and client throughout the preparation and debriefing process.

Each Associate at Hamden has extensive experience in organising local and cross board meetings. We will endeavour to take the pressure and any related stress from the client in this phase of the process by ensuring all arrangements are organised efficiently.



The final and naturally most important step once the successful candidate has been selected, is the placement.

We understand that a great deal of the client’s and candidate’s time has been invested to arrive at this point and as a result, Hamden ensures that we are very well prepared when we enter this phase of the process.

We will have already begun to prepare for the negotiation and offer stage long before it arrives by collecting all of the relevant information and positioning the preferred candidate for this situation.

Our knowledge of the relevant employment market, the client and generally the situation of the industry coupled with the relationship we have developed with the selected candidate allows for a fully transparent and often first-time right offer.

Making a bad hire can have disastrous consequences and can be very costly both financially and in lost time. There is an art to finding top performing, qualified candidates. Here at Hamden we specialise in sourcing high quality professionals for senior to executive roles. With a proven track record and a 96% success rate on searches globally, we are positioned to offer a unique method of talent attraction.

By partnering with Hamden and accessing a specialist Associate in your industry, your important vacancy will be given the attention necessary to secure a candidate that will provide your business with an immediate return on investment. There is a reason why we are the recruitment partner of choice for industry leading businesses across multiple sectors. Contact us now to discuss your future hiring needs. 

Find the right candidate for the job; use the right executive search firm in a global talent marketplace.