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Hamden is an executive and direct search company operating to the highest of standards across the globe. We understand that the most impactful placements are made by building longstanding relationships with our clients and becoming an important business partner in specific market segments.

Our objective is to deliver our clients a significant return on investment when they choose to make a new appointment. We believe this can only be achieved by leveraging the networks of an experienced Associate who has been concentrating exclusively in your industry and location.

Our sectors

We operate across select market segments. The decision to develop specialist networks and search departments has encouraged a market understanding that produces an average annual placement rate of over 90% globally over the past decade. A figure that is unrivalled in our industry.

Direct search

Suitable for Director, Senior Management and specialist functions. Our extensive networks in this area allow us to quickly identify and assess the very best talent on a local, national and international scale.

Executive search

Hamden understands the importance of getting it right at the very top. Our Executive Search offers access to the industry leaders for C-Level and VP functions

Business Intelligence

Our mapping process offers a detailed snapshot of the market and can be tailored to a specific sector, industry, region or even competitor.

In search of excellence

Hamden has developed global networks across our select few industries giving our clients the ability to immediately leverage from over a decade of talent pipelining in their specific market. We offer local, national, regional or global searches, tailoring our approach to mirror our clients needs. This allows our clients to chose from the best of the local talent or compare this local selection with a broader pool of top performers across a region of their choosing. 

North America

North Dallas Business Center

Suite 1200, 3010 LBJ Freeway

Dallas, TX,

US, 75234

+1 972 275 6916

Asia Pacific

The Gateway West – Level 35,

150 Beach Road


SG, 189720

+65 3158 2751

Europe - London

Beaufort House

15 St. Botolph St.



+44 (0)203 167 6040

Europe - Winchester

Hancock House

37B Jewry St.


SO23 8RY

+44 (0)1962 280 091

Our trusted partners

Hamden has refined the search process down to 6 clear steps.

Our 4 week proven process allows us to thoroughly understand the client needs, research the desired market utilising our extensive networks in our sector practices and deliver leading talent.

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Lili Beres

Lili Beres

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Maria Granero Marin

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Lucia Sorrentino Lando

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