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Driving Return On Investment

With rapid changes in technology how has this affected the decisions of manufacturers?

The Future of Grocery Stores

Another great launch from Amazon - Amazon Fresh

The Future Of Fast Food Packaging

A step in the right direction for sustainable packaging!

A Race To A Covid-19 Vaccination

"COVID-19 has served as a wakeup call for countries to realize their dependence on medicines produced abroad"


Is Paper A More Sustainable Flexible Packaging Material Than Plastic?

Worldwide Packaging Machinery

What the next 7 years are looking like for the packaging machinery industry.

'A World Without Waste'

In honour of ‘Recycle Week’ in the UK the inevitable is fast approaching for the Plastic and Plastic Packaging industry. Businesses across the globe are implementing new sustainable materials and have a care of duty to recycle (rPET). Leading companies need a highly skilled individuals, someone who is invested in…

Get Ahead Of The Competition By Using A Specialist Search Firm

The Benefits Of Our Six Step Process And Why You Should Use Hamden As Your Preferred Search Partner For Your Future Hiring Needs.

Is It 'Game Over' For Gas & Oil?

"Tesla’s $25,000 Electric Car Means Game Over For Gas And Oil"

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